Edison’s Arizona Charities, Inc. wants to thank everyone who made Edison’s 4th Annual HonkyTonk-N-Hoedown a resounding success! Because of your support, we were able to raise over $3,500.00 for the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona. They, in turn, can convert those funds into 14,000 meals and services for our underprivileged neighbors!

This feat could never have happened if it were not for YOU! Without the donors, whether by $1, $5, $10, or more, we would not be able to call the “HonkyTonk-N-HoeDown” a success! We are proud to say, as always, “Every dollar raised at a fundraiser goes directly to the charity it supports!” In this case, The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona.
To fulfill this maxim, EAC, Inc. relies on the contributions of many other people during the fundraiser and through the year to make this happen.

We gratefully acknowledge the time, energy and dedication shown by our volunteer group and humbly thank them. It would be impossible for the HonkyTonk-N-HoeDown Planning Committee to throw the event on their own. So many details have to be managed beforehand, during, and afterward, that not having these amazing people would cause the whole thing to come crashing down around us.

A hearty thanks also goes out to the auction donors and chili cooks! These elements of the HonkyTomk-N-HoeDown are vital to raising funds. These elements, combined, bring in a major part of the contribution we make to The Community Food Bank. Thank you so much for the time, food, services and goods that you provided!

We also recognize that no one would want to stay to enjoy The HonkyTonk-N-HoeDown if there was not quality entertainment. The bands, solo musicians, and comedian kept people excited from beginning to end. The professionalism and heart they gave to their performances were a source of constant praise. Thank you for your amazing contributions of time and talent. YOU are why the event is able to be called an “Americana Music Mini-Fest”!

We are also grateful for the companies, clubs, and individuals that encouraged others to give by making challenges of matched donations. It was great to see people get excited about giving, knowing that they could double the impact of each dollar they gave. Thank you for your encouragement and contributions!

Edison’s Arizona Charities, Inc, would also like to recognize the impact of our organization’s benefactors. These companies and individuals donated funds, goods and services during the year to help us cover incorporation fees, administration expenses, and the expenses of throwing the HonkyTonk-N-Hoedown. In order for us to make sure that “Every dollar raised at a fundraiser goes directly to the charity ir supports,” these types of contributions are absolutely necessary to hold this event and others in the future. We truly appreciate your support!

The Board of Directors of Edison’s Arizona Charities would also like to gratefully acknowledge the contributions of the Planning Committee of Edison’s 4th Annual HonkyTonk-N-HoeDown. They gave tirelessly throughout the year to strategize, organize, and implement each element of the fundraiser. They managed the equipment, volunteers, decorating, entertainment, finances, cook-off, silent auction, and promotions necessary for the event to come together seamlessly. Our hats are off to you and we are eternally thankful!

Above all, we hope that everyone had a great time while benefiting The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona! Ideas are already in the works for next year including more music, more food, and more prizes! We hope that you will join us in looking forward to Edison’s 5th Annual HonkyTonk-N-HoeDown next spring!!!!!