The influence of your presence in your community

If you are a business owner or part of a business, organization, or group, you are likely looking for ways to be involved that expand the visibility or reputation of your entity. We certainly are, too. It’s a match made in heaven. Let’s help each other out!

Partnership comes in many forms and Edison’s Arizona Charities is not married to specific modes of partnership. We can come to the table with ideas, but we’re sure that you have some of your own. You may also think of some along the road as we travel together. After all, a partnership is not a one way street (actually, it kind of is, since we should be traveling in the same direction together, but I’m digressing…)

Some of the ways that entities have expanded themselves through partnership with us in the past are: offering space for meetings or events, suggesting fundraising opportunities that they can host, supplying group volunteers, donating goods or services for silent auctions or raffles, or offering services that we use as an organization; i.e., printing, ad space, graphic design, promotional services, etc.