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It’s our experience that producing a quality event translates into even greater donations during the event (which all go to the charity). However, we still stand by our maxim that EVERY DOLLAR RAISED AT AN EVENT GOES DIRECTLY TO THE CHARITY IT SUPPORTS. For this reason, we pre-pay all expenses for the event from our reserves rather than from the funds raised at the event.

But, as the old idiom says, “It takes money to make money,” Because we don’t pay for the event from the funds donated at the event, we rely on the kindness and generosity of our benefactors, and sponsors to make these quality, entertainment-based events happen.

Whether you choose a periodic pledge, a one time gift, or wish to sponsor an event, your tax-deductible gift will help ensure that quality entertainment will continue to be a part of our “helping community” moving forward. We know that without these events, a majority of the money raised would have remained in the donors’ pockets, never to be seen by our beneficiaries.

Benefactorship comes with privileges. With your monthly pledge of $5+, quarterly pledge of $20+, or one-time gift of $100+, upon your request, we will gladly list you or your company as a Benefactor in upcoming programs, promotions and literature.

If you wish to contribute $100+ a specific event, upon your request, you will be highlighted as a Sponsor in promotions related to that event.

As an added bonus, with ANY one-time gift $200+, the benefactor or sponsor will receive an 18″x24″ framed promotional poster for the Annual HonkyTonk-N-HoeDown HAND SIGNED BY THE PERFORMING MUSICIANS!