Who We Are

Who Does Everything?

Edison’s Arizona Charities, Inc., is an all-volunteer organization made up of three directors, and advisory council and ad-hoc committees. That’s right, a whole bunch of volunteers that aren’t much different than YOU!

Our volunteer Board of Directors currently includes Natalie Perry, Treasurer; Jeri Wells, Secretary; and Edison Bolin, President. We are currently in the process of building up a standing Advisory Council to guide the Board in professional matters beyond the Board’s expertise. All other functions of the organization are handled by ad hoc committees guided by vetted, volunteer chairpersons and their subcommittees, when needed.

But EAC represents more than a singular collection of volunteers. What makes everything work is the collaboration of the volunteers as well as local businesses, artists, individuals, clubs, and so many others! As we continue to grow, the partnership between Edison’s Arizona Charities and the members of the communities will continue to be vital. Without them and without you, we would not be able to aid the worthwhile charities that provide for our less fortunate neighbors. We humbly and gratefully acknowledge and thank you!

Who Do We Do It All For?

Speaking of worthwhile charities, our beneficiaries for the 2018-2019 fiscal year are: The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona, Youth On Their Own, and Habitat for Humanity Tucson’s Rainbow Build.

These organizations meet our requirements of financial efficiency and focus on the education, sheltering and feeding of our neighbors in need.

We should also make note that We, alone, choose our beneficiaries! They do not choose us, contract with us, or compensate us for our efforts.

At this time we are only able to throw one event beneficiary fundraiser, The HonkyTonk-N-HoeDown, for the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona. However, our profits at the end of the year are divided equally between each of these organizations. So, even if you can’t make The HonkyTonk-N-HoeDown, you can rest assured than any donation at any time will still be put to use for all of the charities’ benefit.

Now that you know us a little better, find out How it all Started!