What We Do

So, What Do We Do?

Edison’s Arizona Charities’ primary purpose is to produce entertainment-based fundraising events for our beneficiaries. We try to make giving fun!

Take our current annual flagship fundraiser, The HonkyTonk-N-HoeDown Americana Music Mini-Fest, for instance. It hosts live bands, a chili cook-off, a cash and prize raffle, and a silent auction. This event continues to grow each year in support of The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona. Last year, this small event raised over $3,500.00 for the Food Bank who, in turn, created 14,000 meals and funded programs to support food independence!

We operate on a maxim: EVERY DOLLAR RAISED AT AN EVENT GOES DIRECTLY TO THE CHARITY IT SUPPORTS! The entire event is paid-in-full before it happens. We feel good knowing that all of the funds from the event go to that charity, not just the proceeds after expenses are paid. Although this approach makes growth slow-going, we are pleased to say that it keeps us on a frugal budget and maximizes the funds going to our beneficiaries! After all, our primary purpose is designed to support THEM!

“How Can We Do That,” You Ask?

Because we continue to operate by our maxim that EVERY DOLLAR RAISED AT AN EVENT GOES DIRECTLY TO THE CHARITY IT SUPPORTS, we clearly need to make money through the year. Making sure that an event is paid in full prior to the event is a priority for us, but funding operating expenses and, more importantly, the equipment, supplies and promotion for the event is not an easy task.

But we also don’t feel that our raising organizational funds should be a burden for you. We are all about fun and entertainment, after all. So, occasionally through the year you might see our name attached to a beer bust, dance, raffle, or…well…anything that we can manage to collaborate with someone on!

These opportunities won’t come around very often, so make sure that you connect with us though Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or subscribe to our blog. That way, you can avail yourself of the opportunity to have a great time while helping out the community.

Also, keep in mind that, as a non-profit, we annually forward our blessings from you to our beneficiaries, divided equally.

Now that you know what we do and how we do it, don’t you want to know Who We Are?