Our Story

So, Where Did We Come From and Where Are We Going?

Starting a philanthropic corporation was never the original thought!

It all started with a simple birthday pot-luck with piped-in music and food donations for The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona.

Over time, new elements were added such as a chili cook-off, entertainment, a silent auction and a 50/50 cash and prize raffle.

It was always called the “HonkyTonk-N-Hoedown” but once live Americana bands were introduced, it grew into “The Annual HonkyTonk-N-Hoedown Americana Music Mini-Fest.”

The community support and involvement were so encouraging that some planners of the event decided to take to the next step. In the winter of ’16-’17, Edison’s Arizona Charities was incorporated as a non-profit entity. By being able to receive tax-deductible donations and private funding, both on-site and throughout the year, EAC could more efficiently host this event and continue to fulfill our maxim.

Oh, you want to know about this “maxim” thing that keeps being mentioned?

Well, it’s one of our earliest principles and traditions.

The HonkyTonk-N-Hoedown started as a privately funded affair, so it was always good to know that every dollar was going to the food bank. This became the basis for our maxim by which we operate, “EVERY DOLLAR RAISED AT AN EVENT GOES DIRECTLY TO THE CHARITY IT SUPPORTS.” That maxim, in turn, necessitated a business model wherein EAC raises funds throughout the year to host a paid-for event that is all for the charity!

After all, we only exist to support THEM!

Edison’s Annual HonkyTonk-N-HoeDown, continues to be held each year each year to support The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona. Last year, the event raised over $3,500.00 for the Food Bank who, in turn, created 14,000 meals and funded programs to support food independence!

The goal of our Board of Directors is to be able to throw a major beneficiary event each year for each of our charities. And just as we choose our charities by their reputation and financial efficiency, our promise to the community is to always strive to live up to those same standards.

If you would like to find out how you can help our next beneficiary fundraiser to succeed, just press the "Evolve" button (we dare you to)!