Edison's Arizona Charities

Helping Communities Help Communities

Edison’s Arizona Charities, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization that hosts entertainment-based fundraisers for qualified non-profit charities in Arizona that provide food, shelter, and education to underprivileged people.

We believe that numerous overlapping communities exist, whether due to location, identity, faith, profession, or any other identifier. Each of us belongs to several and no community is an island unto itself. Each community affects the other and when one helps another, they help themselves, as well. Fortunately we are surrounded by so many communities that choose to help others.

Just as these HELPING COMMUNITIES HELP COMMUNITIES, Edison’s Arizona Charities is HELPING COMMUNITIES HELP COMMUNITIES by raising funds and awareness for charities that provide food, shelter, and education for our least privileged neighbors … because every community is our own!

Support Through Entertainment

In a Nutshell

Edison’s Arizona Charities raises money through the year to produce entertainment-based fundraisers for the charities on our limited roster.

Event Fundraisers

Each charity gets its own annual event and the expenses for the event are paid-in-full beforehand. This ensures that “EVERY DOLLAR RAISED AT AN EVENT GOES DIRECTLY TO THE CHARITY IT SUPPORTS”. We feel good knowing that, when an event attendee lays down their hard-earned cash, they know where the whole amount is going.

EAC Fundraisers

One of the ways we raise money for these events is through organization fundraisers. Occasionally during the year, you might see our name attached to a beer bust, dance, raffle, or… well… anything that we are able to collaborate with someone on! These don’t happen often, so make sure you connect with us through Facebook, Twitter, or sign up for our email list below to know when and where our next function is!

The EAC Community

We rely wholly on the time and expertise of our volunteers; our community partners that provide services and goods; and funds from donors, benefactors and sponsors. Without these indispensable humanitarians, we would not be able to maintain our efforts through the year nor produce quality fundraisers for the benefit of our charities. So, if you see them, thank them!

Our Beneficiaries

We, alone, choose our beneficiaries; they do not choose us, contract with us, or compensate us for our efforts.

Our beneficiaries for the 2018-2019 fiscal year are: The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona, Youth On Their Own, and Habitat for Humanity Tucson’s Rainbow Build. Since we donate our overage annually between our beneficiaries, when you contribute during the year, you are helping three charities that provide food, shelter, and education to the needy!

Your dedication to those in need in Southern Arizona is remarkable!

Michael McDonald

CEO, Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona

We appreciate the spirit and enthusiasm the organizers bring to Edison’s HonkyTonk-N-Hoedown. It’s a lively and energetic fundraiser for the Community Food Bank – a great way to remember people in need!

Brittany Taft

Third Party Event Coordinator, Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona

I had an awesome experience with the bonus of meeting some good folks!

Brian Combs

Singer/Songwriter, D

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