Helping Communities Help Communities

Edison’s Arizona Charities is an independent non-profit organization that hosts fundraisers for qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit charities in Arizona. The purpose is to raise both funds and awareness for these charities and the services they provide for the local community. We are not contracted or compensated by our beneficiaries. We operate by this maxim: EVERY DOLLAR RAISED AT A FUNDRAISER GOES DIRECTLY TO THE CHARITY IT SUPPORTS!

Our current beneficiary is The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona and we host Edison’s Annual HonkyTonk-N-Hoedown each year to support them. This event is a “mini music fest” featuring local Americana bands, a chili cook-off, a silent auction and a raffle. Over the past few years we have watched it grow significantly. At the 2018 event we brought in over $3,500.00 to The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona!